our approach


StarLit Global has evolved and continuously refining Our Approach to Staffing and its fulfillment. Adherence to this defined yet flexible process helps us ensure consistency and quality in delivering value to our clients. Above all, it helps us in being nimble and agile to respond , both to  clients and candidates.

1. In the Background

The StarLit Global team is constantly connecting with candidates and pre-qualifying them even before the next staffing opportunity. Since we focus on a few niche areas, we are constantly reaching out to potential candidates and understanding their professional and personal goals. With candidate approval, we even take a step ahead and proactively share suitable profiles with clients, so that the clients too have it in mind. This enables us to present suitable profiles asap when the right opportunity presents itself.


2. The Rek

We try to learn as much about the work environment, office culture and OKR/KRAs ; above and beyond the job description. Is it a new or replacement position? Is there any ramping up time or does it require to hit the ground running? Is the project in kickoff, midstream or in maintenance stage? Does it allow for some remote working? Expected project duration, only contract or possible full time in future ; all these are important pointers for short listing of right candidates. For our long- standing clients, we already know most of these answers so we just need the key skills attributes and take care of the rest.

3. Search and Screen

Once we fully understand the Job Description, we look at all possible sources; internal database, external boards, business partners and past references for identifying and short listing suitable profiles. We pre screen short listed candidates against skill sets needed for the assignment, review and verify their education and past work experience, and their interpersonal skills. This comprehensive assessment enables us to present only the select profiles to our clients whose skills ,work experience are well vetted.

4. The Interview Process

The profiles of short listed candidates along with our pre screening notes are submitted by us to the client for initiating the interview process. StarLit Global will schedule telephonic interview and / or in-person interviews of the candidates short listed by our client and work with both parties to facilitate the same.

5. The Closure

Once our clients have made their selection, StarLit Global can support in reference and background checks to ensure we provide our clients with talent with proven track record. The project start may often involve helping candidates to relocate and move closer to the client location. Plan B in form of Backup options are very critical as things can change right unto the last moment, and not having suitable backup candidates can delay the whole process.


6. Upon On boarding

We do not consider our role and services to culminate at the start of an engagement. On the contrary, that is just the beginning of a long relationship. Both the client and candidate comfort level in any new engagement is equally important . We always try to seek periodic feedback from the clients and candidates on the mutual synergy, and offer any inputs as and when needed or asked for.

7. And After….

Any good Services franchise is all about relationship and trust. We take pride and always endeavor to build sustaining relationships with our clients and candidates. Future opportunities – both direct and indirect are often borne out of past relationships and continuing contact.