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Job Search 11

 (Elementary, Yet worth a quick glance and refresh) 

1. Please get resume to two pages, max. three. If just one page ; Great. 

2. If any doubts, Kindly review # 1 again.

 3. The resume should demonstrate Potential, as opposed to just history. 

4. Update linked in profile appropriately ( Add a recent professional picture) 

5. If searching openly/ actively,update the “Open to Opportunities” on linked in 

6. Refrain from liking sharing/ commenting on every linked in update . 

7. Good to be visible, yet stay away from appearing desperate (even if one is) 

8. Try best to tap into connections/ past co workers while still in a role. 

9. Their Response rate/ speed then will be much higher.That’s just a fact of life. 

10. Treat severance/ package only as a mere temporary financial cushion. 

And 11. It may take more time/efforts often. Pace mind, body, spirits for it. All The Best !! 

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What's the compensation for this role

Often, potential candidates get stuck in deciding next steps just based on 'defined compensation' for a particular role/position. There are some roles where compensation is very defined and strictly adhered to. However, in most cases- especially middle to senior level positions - targeted compensation can be a range, but certainly impacted by background, experience & skills of a suitable candidate. If there is preliminary mutual interest, it's always beneficial for the candidate and client to have a brief conversation , wherever possible. 

Both sides can explain, discuss & understand each others SWOT, and often new vistas open up. A client's growth plans may inspire a candidate to be flexible on pay ; Also, a candidate may impress the client enough to stretch their pre set compensation/ title parameters. In the same vein, many candidates drag their feet just around 'Base Salary'. 

Maybe a company has rich health benefits for employees , another company may have generous PTO, yet another could be offering great training -development opportunities. It makes sense to look at the 'Full Picture' of compensation- benefits ,and then evaluate Salary as a critical component in the whole mix. #compensation #salary #title #benefits #role



The 30 - minute phone interview  

Ok, so in your hunt for the next gig, you have the 30 minute Phone interview  with a senior team member of the potential hiring company.  Assuming it is a plain voice call (no webex/skype) , and assume speaking to a single person (not a panel) on the hiring side and usual start  after greetings  " So, tell us something about yourself". How often do candidates really think through these interview calls Some broad pointers 

 1. Keep answers brief.  Avoid a  15 minute 'Slow-moving-Elevator Pitch'   

2.  A candidate can ask "Does this sound relevant to your environment ? "  "Should I elaborate more"  after logical answers  to make it a dialog     

3. Interviewers do many calls,  often multi-task ; so only relevant, crisp answers  - both on content and passion - will catch their attention. 

4. Calls are often a precursor mainly to decide whether in person meeting is warranted . Focus to Create enough interest, and not to close the deal. #elevatorpitch   #telephone    


 In Person Interview at Potential Employer's Office 

As one of final steps of bagging an offer- and closing the hiring of a smart future team member- is the In - Person meeting/interview at the client's office. Just a step in the process, but probably most critical. There is enough written and said on the actual interviews to be had, how about some side-bars too.  All parties are judging each other by as much on what is said as seen and felt. Yes, one should be as one normally is, as pretenses on either side will fail with time. However : 

1. Candidates form an impression from everything : the old magazines scattered in Reception to Conf Rooms to Restrooms to  'buzz-feel'.  How 'real' are their interactions . Are they welcome or just a 'To-Do' in a busy calendar. Is this place, the company, the people they can feel a part of. A 5 people startup or 500 people office, each can cast a distinct appeal 

2. How candidates connect not just with core interviewers , but support staff upon arrival, waits, departure (Am a 'Pleasing personality') , last minute unplanned change/delay ( 'Thrives in uncertainty' ). Any association will happen on core values, content and mutual value- add, yet every smile, frown -and speck of dust -carries its weight and impact.   #hire   #interview



'Thank You' Notes in the interview Process 

Many a candidates are eager to get the contact details of Interviewing Managers and shoot an email to Thank/Express Interest/How they can add value to the Hiring Company after an Interview. Is this 'Thank You' Note warranted, welcome, expected ? While there are no hard - fast rules to it, sending (or not sending)  'Thank You' note are both in order. The Hiring Team - like everybody else - are super busy and one less courtesy email is understandable. However, if one does chose to send such a note, here are some simple points which can be kept in mind : 

1. Always good to keep the internal /external Talent Partners in the Loop. Better to send to them and request to forward, unless the person concerned shared their Contacts directly.  

2. Even if met multiple interviewers, just send the note to Key Hiring Person/H.R Contact.

 3. Keep it BRIEF.  Max 4-5 Lines. Unless the Hiring Team asked for some specific information, a simple message for 'Thanks & Interested' is fine. This is not CV's addendum, nor Interview Extra Time. 

4. Be courteous and convey gratitude, not to be desperate or pushy.   

5. A reply to this is welcome, yet Silence does not convey End of the road. #thankyou 



Joining a company, and the person who hired you is leaving

 ! There is excitement, anticipation, some anxiety at the time of joining a new organisation. While it is a company one is joining, there tends to develop some bonds with the 'Hiring Manager' during the recruitment process. And within a few weeks (or sometimes even before joining), one comes to know that this 'Hiring Manager' is leaving the company. Suddenly, one start revisiting their whole decision itself. Are things good, positive and growth oriented as was made out? Let's look from point of view of 3 major stake holders : New joinee, the Dear Departing and The company. 

Unless one is enamoured by a 'Pied Piper' dream leader/manager, Every person should join a new company with eyes wide open that they are joining a company, and their Manager/peers may change. One can always ask a Hiring Manager - before accepting -about their own plans and stability and judge the reply The departing Manager can of course link their exit more to their personal plans. 

Role of H.R /People team is critical to provide added comfort and motivation to the joinee. The news is unsettling, but H.R - and the new manager- should try extra to make this new member help settle down. 

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