Talent Acquisition, I.T. & H.R Services and Solutions

Talent Acquisition, I.T. & H.R Services and Solutions

Leadership and Careers

 Sharing some experiences and ideas wrt Leaders, Career, Jobs . Some time cues on topics : Minute 13.00 (Wearing Multiple Hats), 20.30 ( Learning never stops), 25.00 (Masters of Trade ), 31.00 ( Job change after many years), 38.00 (Periodic Career Checkup), 46.00 (Culture Fit). 

About Us

Our Experience


After 10 + years of being in business, StarLit Global has worked with clients of all natures - Fortune 500 to Startup Companies. While we work with all size of companies, we have been able to deliver highest impact when the ethos of the enterprise is entrepreneurial, results- oriented and communication is candid, open.  

Founder/Owner Led Companies have been our Sweet-Spot of clients, in host. of domains

  • Online - E Commerce - Retail
  • Banking, Fin Services, Insurance
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • All things Tech, StartUps

Our Approach


First and Foremost is to understand your business, needs and to see if we can even help. Only if we strongly feel can add long-term value that we will suggest you to consider us. It is certainly much more than a transaction, we always strive to develop long term relationship with you as your true business-partner. Anything we can do, recommend, refer to help your business growth is our core objective.       

Why Us?


 Lets connect, and then we would let you make this decision. Feel free to  speak to one of our many satisfied long -term clients, or candidates placed by us at variety of companies.