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Simple Indicator of Employee Happiness ! Just like temperature for human body and FICO score for an individual, the single simple barometer for Employee Satisfaction (E- Sat) in a growing well established company (either by tenure or size) could be ratio of 'good internal referrals' that current employees make/share for open positions in their company. Yes, companies - especially in hyper growth - dole out large 'referral bonuses' but incentives are just icing. If current team members are genuinely #happy, #motivated, #growing ; and the company is progressive and looking to hire more , employees would have a natural desire to share this with their circle. 

Why 'good referrals' : as these would be folks where there is mutual value-add, as opposed to anybody known just looking. If the company encourages, promotes referrals - yet number of 'good internal referrals' are low - maybe time for candid reflection on #employeehappiness and improvise this powerful #talentacquisition channel. Maybe simplistic, yet works as good back of envelope gauge. #employeemotivation #hiring #referral #employeesatisfaction



The Blue - Eyed Person ! (aka Honeymoon Syndrome) 

A newly joined Executive gets all the spotlight. He/She is part of every 'strategy' discussion, the name is mentioned repeatedly by leadership. The tenured realize ; One more enjoying "Honeymoon"; which is often short-lived;and often ends Thud ! The Leader looks for fresh/new ideas for growth, current team knows the limitations (and sometimes, inertia) so defends often, the Leader meets/ introduced to this person who is 'whiff of fresh ideas/buzzwords' and 'change, which current team is not' , initial fascination is heady. Sooner than later, some initiatives of the "Blue-Eyed" fail and then, back to reality. What's the Take Away in this familiar script. The Top Boss : Engage folks with fresh ideas and ' but give it time and actual results' before anointing them. Too much quick attention wilts new person in glare, and alienates otherwise loyal,committed team. The Blue Eyed : Focus. Refrain being in every meeting/ decision. 

Difficult to resist ' adrenaline shot of new power ', yet critical for long term win. The Tenured : New thoughts do help.Don't resist all suggestions of 'fresh blood' . Their 'honeymoon' may end, but so do chances of company's evolution. #change #growth #leadership



" Oh, That's a Great Question !! " 

So often do we hear this phrase upon somebody in the audience raising her/her hand and then asking the question to the presenter. But, most often ends up happening that the presenter pretty much says this phrase of 'Great Question' to 4 of the 5 questions asked. Something is amiss. If so many 'Great' questions unaddressed in the original chat/presentation , maybe some work needs to happen there. Or use the phrase where it really is a 'Great Question' . Think about it when you hear this phrase the next time soon.



I do'nt know

When you hear this three- word phrase in the work place. Just observe its various connotations and the feeling they generate. 

1 I am so busy and engrossed in my role and responsibilities that have no time or interest to keep a tab on all happenings. 

2 Was this something which was part of my KRA/OKR and I should have been aware of, and I am not ? I am kind of lost, have not much ideas or solutions to share / discuss on this subject , hence....Next time we have an 'IDK' , we can see where it belong. #IDK #OKR #ignore #Idontknow



Distinct Visual Identifiers to Help Welcome First - Timers

Imagine your first time at a well attended event. The event's been happening for long, and many attendees being veterans. The nice part , they want to keep the group vibrant and making new attendees ' feel at home'. Challenge, in a few hours and with so many faces, how to easily find the new attendees ? 

Well, we were faced with a similar situation recently. We used the simple solution - Color. Made a different color wrist-bands for 'first timers' and let it be known to attendees to make a special effort to welcome, converse, check on anybody with that color band. Made it casual, unobtrusive, yet did the job well. It could be a different color name tag, neck band, anything which helps identify, without standing out. 

Even organisations can consider to use this. If new joinee members in a large office of 500 had something like this for first week or two, so easy for others to notice, and extend them a welcome hand. May act as the icing to the Corporate Welcome Email with their Name, Pic and Bio.  #color #visualization #newcomer #howtowelcome #designthinking #design



Clock Timers for Speakers ?  We often attend events with multiple speakers slated- the MC keeps reminding of time limits - and often speakers exceed the time. 

Reason # 1 : They are unable to mentally judge total time elapsed while speaking. If there was a simple reverse timer/ clock kept on speaker lectern (without being bothersome ) or easy gentle view for the speaker of time spent/time remaining to speak, could be more effective - and less obtrusive -  than warning chimes or passing slips or gentle reminders to them. Same applies when allowing audience to ask questions, but 'Keep it brief'.  

Well, let the questioner see via  timer that their one minute 'Question Time' is over. Where relevant, the concept can be implemented in internal meeting/ conference calls in organisations also.  Time's Up !  #publicspeaking #timers #howto #socialmedia